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Did you know...
       - 38% of corporate data resides exclusively on mobile devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops
       - Keylogging is a form of Malware and is undetectable
       - 98% of all malware breaches involve some form of keylogging
       - Over 70 million mobile devices are stolen or lost every year, that number is rising
       - ONE laptop is stolen every 53 seconds 43% off-site, 33% in transit, 24% in the workplace
       - 66% of employees use unsanctioned file sharing
       - 93% of organizations fail to backup tablets and smartphones
       - Over 50% of lost devices result in a data breach involving malware
       - Estimated total cost of the loss of ONE laptop = $49,250

Cyber Security Solutions

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Cloud Services

We provide cloud storage and hosting platforms that enable you to extend your computing resources to the cloud. Whether you need Virtual Servers, Hosted Virtual Desktops or Co-location services we can deliver the quality you need at a price you can afford. We also provide conversion service that can assist you with upgrading your Operating Systems and/or Software. Learn More!


Data Recovery

We have been recovering data from failed storage devices for over 35 years. We own our own dust free clean room where we can recover data from smartphones, flash drives, hard drives, solid state drives and RAID systems. We provide a free evaluation, if we cannot recover the data there is no charge. We can also rescue your systems from ransomware and other intrusion events that can severely damage your business. Learn More!

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Workforce Solutions

The rise of the mobile workforce has made it challenging for IT to protect data that is created outside of the firewall. Simplifying data protection for laptops and mobile devices begins with providing backup to your mobile workforce, and giving IT one place to manage all of their device’s data protection needs.

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The Secure eTraveler Program

1. Hotels & Motels

2. Transportation - Plane, Train

3. Cruise Lines and Conventions

Hackers Are Targeting Travelers!

Hackers are targeting public WiFi in Hotels and the transportation industry.  They are capturing passwords, emptying bank accounts, and stealing your identity. Even the most sophisticated antivirus and anti-malware cannot detect them nor stop them.
Only our patented apps can prevent hackers from stealing your private info.

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Public Wi-Fi Security

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