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We are SpaceCycles CSI, Cyber Security Innovations

We have more than 165 years of commercial business and technology experience across the globe. SpaceCycles was founded in 2000 as a techology service provider. For more than 18 years we have supplied unique services that have solved a myriad of data protection and device security problems for our clients.

Meet Our Team

Randy Premont

Randy is the founder of SpaceCycles CSI and also a founding partner of IronNimbus. SpaceCycles provides Mobile Data and Device Protection, Clean Room Data Recovery and Cloud Computing services. Randy has been a commercial information technology professional for over 46 years. His career spans the introduction of each of computing's most successful technologies including supercomputing, massively parallel computing, distributed computing, grid computing, and cloud computing. He has been considered a trusted authority with regards to enterprise computing technologies specific to the energy, healthcare and entertainment industries for over 46 years. His achievements include the development of several key industry solutions such as software as a service, high performance computing services, grid computing services and cloud computing


Chris Mallazzo

Chris Mallazzo has over 37 years’ experience in the information technology industry with over 25 in consultative, advisory and strategy roles. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Adelphi University. Mr. Mallazzo is exceptional in understanding a company’s entire business environment and technical infrastructure, he achieved aggressive enterprise goals and leveraged IT/IS resources to streamline internal processes and deliver performance, efficiency and profit improvements. Employed with companies such as EDS, Dime Savings Bank, and Emtec Inc., Mr. Mallazzo has consistently rose to senior positions and introduced new and cutting-edge technologies. Mr. Mallazzo has strong experience in cloud computing, business application architecture, infrastructure architecture; Storage and Data Protection solutions; as well as Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity Processes and Solutions.

Walter Stawicki

Walter is a founding partner of IronNimbus and is the principal of two information technology driven companies, Command Access and E-Marketing Solutions. Command Access provides a secure physical and technical operating environment that facilitates the delivery of superior network solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. The second, E-Marketing Solutions, helps companies manage and improve their leads through targeted marketing and search engine optimization. He is also an author and publisher who has extensive national and international travel. He is a fifteen year member of Chicago’s Rotary/One and currently serves on the board of three Not-For-Profits.

Dale Stultz

Dale is a founding partner of IronNimbus and is a principal of REP-PRESENTS LLC, Independent Manufacturers Representative Firm providing Consultants, Dealers, Re-sellers, ProAV/IT Integrators, and Commercial Contractors in twenty Midwestern and Western states with conventional and innovative multimedia, audiovisual, digital video workflow, IPTV Streaming, and sound products. His career spans over 23 years experience as a ProAV Systems Integrator and Independent Representative of cutting-edge technologies relative to the transition of analog to digital audio, video, data and communications.


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StrikeForce Technologies


Keylogging is not new technology, in February 2006, the Brazilian police arrested 55 people involved in spreading malicious programs which were used to steal user information and passwords to banking systems. The keyloggers were activated when the users visited their banks’ websites, and secretly tracked and subsequently sent all data entered on these pages to cyber criminals. The total amount of money stolen from 200 client accounts at six of the country’s banks totaled $4.7million.