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One of the most comprehensive small business backup solutions available, CloudVault for SMB and Enterprise Businesses delivers unlimited cloud storage, unlimited file version restoration and top-notch security. It also offers a robust offering of backup features.

CloudVault provides unlimited backup without restrictions to file types. Account management is simple, with a simplified billing structure that charges you one flat rate for every computer that you need backed up. For added security you can also set up a hybrid system where your files are synced to the cloud and local devices of your choosing.

Selecting the Right Backup Solution

When shopping around for a data backup service, keep in mind that many require year-long agreements, so make sure the package you're signing up for has the features and storage your business needs. Some companies charge overage fees if you exceed the amount of data you originally signed up for. Also, be aware of termination fees or cancellation notice time frames. These are some other factors to consider before signing up:

  • Ease of use: Will this service's SaaS interface be easy for employees without much technical knowledge to learn and use? It shouldn't be complicated for someone with basic computer skills to set up a continuous backup schedule and then recover data if the occasion arises. Most of the companies we looked at provide a free trial, so you can see firsthand if the interface is a good match for your needs.

  • Performance: While bandwidth can be a factor in how well a service uploads and downloads your data, not all are equal, and different services may offer different performance tiers. If you suffer a data loss crisis and need it back as soon as possible, then services that offer speedy recoveries may be the way to go. The same goes for throttling. You don't want your internet speeds strangled because the system is backing up and your everyday operations suffer, so controls on when to allow more bandwidth during off-hours are important.

  • Storage options: Many backup services double as cloud storage services, allowing you to store more files and freely share them among colleagues. Keep in mind that services strictly for backup don't normally allow you to store files other than what's on the hard drive or server you're backing up so that you can make clean recoveries in case of an emergency.

  • Encryption: If cyber-security is your main concern, encryption options for your backed-up data is a must. Different software comes with various security and encryption options. A 256-bit AES level of encryption is among the highest that the best software products provide.

       CloudVault Features


CloudVault brings data protection to every business and every popular operating system. 

  • Triple-Layer 256-bit Encryption

  • Optional Private Encryption Key

  • Easy & Instant Individual File Recovery

  • Unlimited Version History Recovery

  • True Archiving

  • Mobile Backup, Access & Share

  • External Hard Drive Backup

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Backup

  • No Limit to Number of Files, Size or Type

  • Scheduled Automatic Backup

  • Free Customer Support 7 Days/Week

  • Servers, MS SQL, Exchange & SharePoint

  • Mirror Imaging (Add-on)

  • Create & Manage Multiple Sub-Accounts

  • Priority 24/7 Phone Support

  • Premier Installation Service

  • Satisfy Regulatory Requirements

  • Backup to SpaceCycles CloudVault  (powered by Wasabi)

  • Optional Backup to Multiple Datacenters

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