Cloud Storage Pricing

Cloud Storage Is Simpler Than You Think


Wasabi offers one tier of low price, high speed storage with S3 compatibility and NO charges for egress or API requests

No Charges For Egress or API Requests


Wasabi’s pricing model of $.0059 per GB/mo ($5.99 per TB/month) with no additional charges for egress or API requests means you don’t pay to access your data

80% less than Amazon S3

No egress charges

No API request charges

Compare how Wasabi is 80% cheaper than Amazon S3

Storage Cost Comparison


Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is priced at $.0059 per GB/month ($5.99 per TB/month). Unlike Amazon S3 and comparable services from Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, Wasabi does not charge for egress or API requests. Try our Storage Cost Comparison tool to see the savings with Wasabi for your storage scenario.