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If You’ve Got IT Problems, We’ve Got the Solution 

The CompleteCloud Platform is a single-source, customizable IT solution for any

company—in any industry—that values a productive and secure IT environment.

Avatara has provided turnkey solutions and support to growing businesses

since 2005. With more than 15 years under our belts, we’ve worked in

every sector across the country. 

Avatara’s Industries

If your industry is listed below, click to learn the specific benefits we can offer. If it’s not, give us a shout and we’ll help you determine if CompleteCloud is the right fit.

Problems We Solve Best: Compliance, CAD, Complexity

Everyone specializes in something, right? While all businesses can benefit from the CompleteCloud Platform, there are certain categories in which we simply can’t be beat. We call them our “3 Cs”.

Compliance Industries

  • #1 reason companies move onto CompleteCloud platform is Security and Compliance.

  • Aerospace/DFARS

  • Healthcare

  • Financial Services

  • Customer Driven Regulations

CAD Enabled Companies

  • Manufacturers utilizing CAD/CAM, Solidworks, Catia, and the like

  • Engineering companies deploying Civil3D, Bentley systems, GIS software and 100s more

  • Architecture firms designing with Revit, 3D scanning, VR with Lumion

  • Construction companies managing massive data sets and mobile workforces


  • Robust ERP or EMRs systems requiring multiple servers

  • Companies with multiple sites or highly mobile workforces

  • Unique peripheral devices like CNC machines or shipping stations

  • Larger businesses with more high levels of sophistication

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Simplify Your Software with Avatara’s CompleteCloud Platform

The more complex your aerospace manufacturing system is, the more grounded you need your technology to be. You can’t afford to waste time trying to figure out how your IT fits in with your long-term vision and daily processes—the fit needs to be as seamless as possible, as soon as possible. With CompleteCloud, you’ll find the perfect IT solution for your Aerospace Manufacturing company, with technology designed to bring together your shop floor, administrative area, and engineering departments, cohesively and effectively.

What Challenges Are You Facing?

Compliance Regulations

Aerospace firms are typically required to be ITAR and DFARS compliant, an exceedingly complex requirement to adhere to. At Avatara, we make it easier than ever to maintain cohesion with the rigorous demands that the industry places on your manufacturing process.

Hardware and Software Updates

Working with outdated technology just doesn’t make sense, no matter what industry you operate in. CAD software forces firms to remain up-to-date with high-end, expensive, graphic computers. The best way to make sure that you’re keeping pace with ever-changing industry standards is to invest in an IT company that understands what changes you have to make before you need to make them. Our proactive hardware and software updates allow you the flexibility and freedom to chase your goals accordingly, without having to worry about whether or not your technology is up to the task.


Growing Data Storage Requirements

The greater the workflow, the more storage space you need to allow for. Your entire process needs to be quantified; without a concrete, baseline idea of how your process moves and changes, you could be caught completely off-guard should you ever have to scale up production. The type of CAD or Survey work that engineering firms are utilizing is growing exponentially; how they store and back that data up can be a headache if the proper precautions aren’t taken.

Plan for the Future with Avatara’s CompleteCloud Platform

In the engineering and architecture industry, planning is everything. The more meticulous your process is, the easier it is to ensure optimal results for every project. With CompleteCloud, we give your company the tools you need to streamline, enhance, and fine-tune your process. Our cutting-edge technology keeps your workflow fluid and hassle-free, putting you in the best position possible to succeed going forward. With years of experience under our belts, we’re well-acquainted with the issues that companies in the architectural field face.

Our core solutions are based around increasing


Engineering and architectural firms are always looking for ways to increase efficiency when employees are working in the field. At Avatara, we provide solutions that maximize productivity for your team, no matter where they’re working from.


The more clients you take on, the more storage space you need. Growing demands on data capacity and projects necessitate a solution that can be adjusted accordingly.


Can you afford to work with an IT provider that doesn’t understand the nuances of your network? Avatara takes the time to get to know each unique aspect of your platform so that the support we provide aligns seamlessly with your environment. Don’t fall behind because your provider can’t keep up with what you need.

Optimize Your Technology For Your Industry

Few industries rely on IT as much as banking and financial services. With so much information to account for, it’s imperative that these types of companies take stock of how effective their current IT solution is. Is your platform compliant with industry-wide regulations? Is your business-critical data secure from external threats? Every aspect of your technology needs to be ironclad; when you’re handling sensitive information, there’s no margin for error. If you’re concerned that your hardware and software might not be up to the task of protecting your network and streamlining your process, Avatara is here to help.

Our CompleteCloud’s core solutions for banking and financial services include:

Cybersecurity and Compliance

The safety of you and your client’s private information is most likely your number one concern. At Avatara, we’ll make sure that everything is right where it needs to be, and out of reach from hackers and various forms of cyberattacks.

Streamlined Process

Real-time transactions require real-time support. Avatara provides continuous, up-to-date support designed to maximize you and your clients’ window of opportunity. Don’t let your technology be the one area keeping you from delivering quality service to your customers.

Mobile Security

The more flexible your technology is, the easier it’ll be to get work done. Banking and financial service firms are always looking for cutting-edge platforms to keep their team working hard, wherever they are.

Commercial Real Estate

The goal as a commercial real estate or property management is to grow, right? That’s why you need an all-inclusive IT platform that will scale with you. Whether you have 30 or 300 employees that need to access their technology from one location or from around the world, CompleteCloud offers a single source to get the job done from anywhere.

Is CompleteCloud Right for You?

Here are some questions to help you answer that question…

  • Do you consider yourself a security and productivity conscious business? CompleteCloud is equipped with a full managed security suite, plus delivers mobility and collaboration to maximize employee productivity.

  • Are you seeking a smart solution that’s tailored to your needs? CompleteCloud is an intelligently engineered platform that is equipped with self-healing artificial intelligence (Ava) and informatics that drive business decisions.

  • Do you value top notch customer supported? Avatara’s St. Louis-based support team is here for you 24/7 and includes projects and maintenance.

  • Longing for a predictable, affordable price point? CompleteCloud is delivered in a predictable per user per month fee, including all hardware, software, connectivity, and support.

  • Wish your tech could be a competitive advantage? With unparalleled mobility and collaboration features, our customers stop worrying about IT and instead leverage it to improve their businesses.

  • Would some peace of mind be a nice change of pace? Stop worrying about threat actors or whether or not you are compliant. Stop worrying about hardware failures and unpredictable expenses. Stop worrying about vendor finger pointing; you now have a single source for all of your IT needs.


Hear It from a Peer


“Within five minutes of testing a CompleteCloud virtual machine and a high-end Graphic Systems we realized that it was substantially more powerful and reliable than the GIS Citrix system that we had built internally. Since day one after migration, our employees using GIS & CAD have never been more productive.” – Director of Innovation & Technology (one of the nation’s largest commercial real estate groups)

We’re on top of DFARS regulations, so you don’t have to be.

Recent studies show that 9 out of 10 contractors and subcontractors fail to meet all Department of Defense requirements. That’s because piecemeal approaches don’t get the job done. CompleteCloud is the only one-stop approach that can keep up with the DoD’s ever-changing compliance regulations. Why put your business at risk?

Plan For the Future With CompleteCloud

Future-Proof Your Business

Stay competitive, secure, and productive with the fully compliant cloud services of Avatara’s CompleteCloud. Our DFARS-friendly platform is built to help you meet IT technical requirements for NIST 800-171 and CMMC.

CompleteCloud Benefits

It’s no wonder why aerospaceengineering, and manufacturing companies rely on CompleteCloud to win government contracts. Our smart platform is an all-inclusive private infrastructure solution that includes the following in an all-inclusive per user per month pricing model.

  • Self-healing Artificial Intelligence

  • Business Analytics

  • Managed Security

  • Unified Communication & Collaboration

  • Productivity Suite

  • Customer Portal

  • Mobility

  • Disaster Recovery

  • 24/7 St. Louis-based Support

  • Unlimited Storage/Servers

  • Cloud Desktops

  • Connectivity

  • Local Hardware

Streamlined Workflow For Your Facility

If you’re in the distribution field, you’re all too aware of how many moving parts have to be accounted for. Between managing shipping locations, increasing mobility and optimizing your core processes, and making sure your facility is supported 24/7, it only takes one slip-up to disrupt workflow. So you know that you can’t afford to be working with subpar technology.


That’s where Avatara’s CompleteCloud Platform comes in—we provide technology that fits seamlessly within your operation and actively works to make all of your core business processes run more efficiently. 


We have experience with these business-line software solutions for distribution centers, warehouses, and retailers.

Shift Management and Scheduling


Avatara specializes in delivering reliable support around the clock—whether your facility operates on a 24/7 basis or simply needs organization and cohesion across multiple shifts. When a shift changes, you can easily suffer from considerable downtime if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Our team installs high-quality IT solutions that make scheduling and accommodating shift changes much easier.

Warehouse Mobility and Remote Support


Avatara is here to help, whether you need to account for multiple in-house employees or make sure that your outside sales representatives are on the same page. Our solutions offer complete mobility so that you can always connect with your team, no matter where they are.

Robust Coverage Across Shipping/Receiving Stations


Typically, the more sites you have to account for, the harder it is to stay on track. With Avatara, that’s not the case. We provide sound, reliable Wi-Fi coverage across all of your devices—from barcode scanners at shipping stations to forklifts out on the floor.  

Scalable Technology


As the needs of your customers change, so too does the way your facility operates. We provide flexible technology that scales to meet your needs accordingly so that you’re always in the best possible position to deliver quality service.

Today’s Engineering Problems



Being an engineer comes with complications when dealing with IT. There are many important files that must be backed up frequently. Unfortunately, many cloud solutions don’t take into account the inherent problems that engineers often face. Storing large, comprehensive engineering documents in the cloud is a complex issue. Even powerful virtual servers are slow, choppy and can impede remote activity.



Engineers regularly take on projects that require a lot of data space. As workflow increases, so will storage demands. Keeping a grip on all of your files becomes a challenge. Eventually, it will cost extra to support your storage with backups, upgrades, and extra storage costs.



Effective teamwork is a critical component for the function of your workforce as well as be able to share files quickly and easily with teammates and clients. Engineers need to be able to sync, share, and sharpen content on demand. Any technical limitation can hinder necessary collaborations.

Today’s Healthcare Problems



HIPAA compliance is a confidentiality concern for anyone in the healthcare industry. As patients’ privacy is valued with the utmost importance, upgrading your IT system can be nerve-racking. Even an IT system with a slight impairment could contain a security flaw that exposes confidential PHI, which could potentially lead to a lawsuit.



Healthcare professionals are constantly on the move. Medical practitioners are always in and out of the office to serve many pressing needs. Doctors cannot be everywhere at once so having a mobile source of technology makes the job much easier. A defective device can severely inhibit the practice’s entire workflow.

Support and Scalability


Healthcare demands are ever-changing. Offices change size regularly and it’s impossible to accurately predict the growing IT demands of your practice every time. Medical professionals need to be up and running at all times, regardless if their practice is exploding with new business. They need reliable support that can get them back to treating patients as quickly as possible and not be inhibited by their technology.

Complex Solutions Made Simple

Manufacturing companies need to be able to count on their IT to perform, no matter what. At Avatara, we specialize in helping companies achieve their performance goals through our three-tiered approach to technology support. Our service is based on:

Support for Complex Manufacturing Systems:


No matter what you need to accomplish, we can take a convoluted problem and turn it into a simple solution.


Minimizing Downtime:


Don’t suffer from unnecessary downtime again.


Understanding Your Unique Workflow:


Custom-tailored solutions for your unique work environment.

CompleteCloud brings professional services companies to the cutting edge of technology, allowing a more efficient and secure environment.

You provide quality services, and your clients recognize that. Let your IT environment match your level of expertise and act as another competitive advantage. The below is just a sampling of the professional services industries that are currently benefiting from the revolutionized approach of the CompleteCloud Platform.

  • Accounting

  • Actuary

  • Appraisal

  • Architecture

  • Banking & Finance

  • Consulting

  • Creative Agencies

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Investment Management

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • Medical

  • Project Management

  • Recruiting

  • Tax

Security And Productivity Are Key

We know business owners primarily care about two aspects when it comes to IT: security of your data and employee productivity. With growing cyber threats, you want to make sure you’re protected and want the reliability and tools in an IT solution that can enable your employees to be as productive as they possibly can each week. CompleteCloud provides everything you need and want to start leveraging technology as a strategic advantage in one platform, delivered and supported in a predictable per user per month pricing model.