CryptoDefender® & SCloud User License - Frequently asked questions

What is CryptoDefender SCloud ?

SCloud is our cloud-based customer license management portal. SCloud provides a customer with the ability to manage their StrikeForce password, license/subscription and all devices associated with their subscription. SCloud provides the ability to:

  • see how many devices are activated for a specific license key
  • see when your subscription expires
  • de-activate a device so that the license you can used on another device
  • reset your license password
The URL for the SCloud is:

I lost my CryptoDefender license activation key.

You can obtain your License/Activation Key at any time by logging into your StrikeForce SCloud account via the following link:

I had to erase all my data including BlockSafe, I have tried to re-download and it will not work. I need to download it back onto my desktop.

To download the latest version of CryptoDefender click on the following link: Windows users: macOS users: Once the program is downloaded and installed, you must activate it with your Activation Key. If you do not know your Activation Key, go to Scloud and login with your email and password.

I forgot my CryptoDefender Password

If you do not remember your password for your StrikeForce SCloud account, you may reset it at any time using the “Forgot Password?” link on the StrikeForce SCloud login page: StrikeForce SCloud – Login