EAGL Server

The EAGL Server not only controls system operation but also allows integration with many third-party devices and systems providing a complete services umbrella for single or multiple site security! These services include but are not limited to: Access Control, Wide Area Warning, and Notifications. Best of all, the EAGL Server uses Linux OS and is capable of working with RESTful API architectures.



The DragonFly™ Outdoor Sensor is a wireless sensor designed specifically for Outdoor environments. The sensor is encapsulated within a proprietary, engineered housing allowing increased spherical detection range. Sensor placement determines detection area coverage – unobstructed range can be as much as 70,685 sqft. Application determines sensor communication options – LoRa or IoT.


Provide reliable area protection using IoT functionality without external or connectivity restrictions. Reduce installation and maintenance costs using self-contained, wireless design. Reduce cybersecurity risks using several encryption methods. Promote scalability for changing protection needs.

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The FireFly® Indoor Sensor is wireless and designed to work in Indoor environments. Installation basically entails attaching each sensor using only two fasteners. Sensor placement determines detection area coverage – unobstructed spherical range can be as much as 31,415 sqft. 



This device distributes EAGL System PA messages using direct network connectivity. EAGL-VOX uses Power Over Ethernet (POE) communication with either a local or cloud based EAGL Server and contains components within an enclosure having an IP67 rating. Enclosure is of a polycarbonate composition and a polyurethane gasketed lid offering two-piece “tongue & groove” design. This construct provides protection against oil, dust and water intrusion while housing internal components requiring direct connection using POE CAT 5 - 6e cabling. Audio output to PA system is via 3.5mm audio output jack.


Duress Button

A compact, wireless, self-contained, battery operated device having a momentary switch when pressed, transmits a signal representing a threat condition to the EAGL System. The Duress Button switch / operator is encapsulated within a clear, hinged protective enclosure to prevent inadvertent switch operation. Button operation requires user opening the hinged protective top cover to access and press the switch / operator to activate the device transmission process.


EAGL Gateway

All EAGL sensors communicate wirelessly to the EAGL Server via a Gateway. Communication to the EAGL Server is by ethernet connectivity. The Gateway is the only system device requiring wired connection to EAGL Server or network allowing easy and cost-effective installation. Gateway variety is dependent upon application. Options currently available include LoRa and LTE radio.



The EAGL Gateway is used to provide both wired & wireless communication and is comprised of components within an enclosure having an IP66 rating. The EAGL Gateway also includes internal LoRa radio circuitry to provide encrypted wireless, two-way RF communication with associated FireFly® and DragonFly™ Energy Sensors. The IoT Telit LTE-M transmits secure data between sensor(s) and cloud EAGL Server.


Panic Station

A self-contained, battery operated, wireless pull station, using a dual action switch when activated, transmits a signal to the EAGL System representing a threat condition and initiating a pre-programmed Adaptive Response. The panic station displays initiated action when the bar is in the locked down position. Device reset is only available via a key during reset process. All device transmissions are encrypted.


Compact, wireless, self-contained, battery operated gunshot sensor executing threat versus non-threat validation determinations using device onboard energy level & waveform analysis algorithms. Sensor is typically mounted to horizontal ceiling substrates providing a spherical detection coverage area of 31,415 sqft. Sensor contains a DPDT relay for integrations with existing third party alarm panels. Learn More


The BlueFly™ is an accurate, body-worn gunshot detection sensor also using EAGL’s patented sensor technology. The sensor has the ability of not only providing gunshot detection but also can provide “man-down” information to the EAGL System. Learn More



Access Control Module

API integration with Access Control Server to provide automatic lockdown of door groups upon alarm state. Manual lockdown and unlock of door groups available on GUI screen.


Video Integration Module

Associate IP cameras with sensors to present live video stream on EAGL GUI upon alarm. EAGL server calls out directly to the camera for video stream and pushes stream to browser session.


Ballistic Analysis Module

Server provides analysis of the event to determine the weapon type: hand gun, shotgun, or rifle, as well as confidence level of the analysis.


Video Analytics

Advanced weapon detection algorithm to significantly reduce false alarms with a human intervention option to ensure correct action is taken.


911 Emergency Dispatch

When an EAGL server handles coverage for many sites across multiple 911 dispatch regions, the 911 Emergency Dispatch Module can ensure that the correct 911 center will get the automatic notification of alarm.


EAGL API Integrations

* Everbridge

* Genetech

* Lenel

* Pro-Watch®

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