Secure SafeStays Program

How it Works

SafeStays How-it-Works

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Hackers are targeting Public WiFi

They are capturing passwords, emptying bank accounts, and stealing your identity. Even the most sophisticated antivirus and anti-malware cannot detect them nor stop them. Only StrikeForce patented apps can prevent hackers from stealing your private info.

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SafeStays Step-By-Step



Customer checks into a Hotel, or other venue that offers WiFi Services.

The Customer initiates Hotel WiFi Services, and is prompted by the following Menu:


The first website Menu invites you to purchase the SafeStays Program for real-time Hacker Protection on the establishments Public WiFi.  The SafeStays Service is purchased on a Per-Day-Rate, and can be converted to an Annual License after your stay is through. 

After you've purchased and completed the SafeStays Account registrations, you will be prompted to Activate your SafeStays License in 3 easy steps.