HYATT Hotels

invites you to a

Safer WiFi Experience

The Hyatt Hotel

Is proud to bring you the Secure SafeStay Program providing

real-time protection when using public WiFi or anywhere you're connected.

Protect 2 Devices for your stay

Buy 1 Day - $3.95
Buy 3 Days - $10.70 *

Protect 2 Devices for a year

Normal Price - $29.95

Use coupon code "hyatt" to get $5 off

($24.95 after you enter the code)

Buy 1 Year - $39.95
Buy 5 Days - $16.80 **


 * Save 10%

** Save 15%

Need Protection for More Devices?

Public WiFi Requires Additional Protection

Public WiFi puts hackers behind the firewall
​Firewalls are made to keep the bad guys out.

With any hotel or guest Wifi, hackers simply sign in.

They are now inside the firewall, ready to hack away.

hacker icon.png

Hackers have easy access to steal your info
Once hackers connect to public WiFi, it's a breeze to steal your passwords and private info.

It's so easy, a seven-year-old did it in 11 minutes!

antivirus icon.png

HTTPS and Antivirus are Not Enough
Hackers put keyloggers on your devices that anti-malware can't detect.  These keyloggers capture your login info before it gets encrypted.

Surf Safe, Sleep Tight

with our patented

Secure eTraveler Program


Encrypts every keystroke

If hackers try to see your passwords and private information, all they see is encrypted nonsense.

They can't get past the encryption since it's done at the earliest point, at the "kernel level", which is at the point where your finger touches the keyboard.


Protected Fields are Crypto-Green
Have peace of mind knowing what you're typing is protected.

Our patented Crypto-Green fields lets you know what you're typing is encrypted, not accessible to hackers.

Mobile Icon.png

Protect All of Your Devices
eTraveler protects Computers, Tablets, and Phones.  It works with PC, Mac, Android, and Apple.

With serious WPA2 protocol vulnerabilities, don't leave any device unprotected!

Make your WiFi access safe

Join the community of satisfied users around the world.


Easy-to-use, ready within 10 minutes.

Intuitive and calming interface, inspiring your confidence.


Manage your entire digital identity.

Coins, keys or passwords. All in one device, owned and controlled by you.


Advanced features for expert users.

Compatible with many applications, ready for power users.

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