Restore & Reveal High Quality Actionable Video
Under All Environmental Conditions

What Lurks in the Shadows?

Today we use video feeds for security, automation, transportation and a multitude of other applications, however, not all video is created equally. Changes in light, bad weather and other environmental conditions can render normally clear camera feeds completely useless. In the scene above you will find unenhanced security camera footage. When you hover your cursor over the image you will see the results of ProHawk enhancement revealing the intruder breaching security.


Visit the Video Gallery to see ProHawk in action across multiple industries, applications, and varied environmental conditions.


Video Clarity Now
4 Reasons Why



Light moves quickly and so does ProHawk. With a world-record-setting per frame processing rate of 16 microseconds (0.000016 seconds), ProHawk is the first and only true real-time video enhancement solution.



ProHawk manipulates light and matter to see through the rain and fog, pull detail from shadows and block glare from the sun. With the broadest range of noise mitigation, ProHawk is the world leader in advanced video enhancement.



A 16 Microsecond (.00016 of a second) processing time not only delivers near instant enhancement it also means we can process up to 12,000 HD streams per second. If you think enhancing thousands of streams is out of reach, think again.



ProHawk works seamlessly with your existing video systems and integrates with world lading video management and analytic systems. It works with high performance FPGAs, GPUs and CPUs embedded, in your rack or in the cloud.


The Need For Speed

ProHawk Vision Suite™ is the first and only video enhancement solution capable of operating in real-time. Our closest competitor’s fastest per-frame processing rate is 350 milliseconds (.350 seconds). A lot can happen in one-third of a second. A car traveling at 60 miles per hour covers 30.8 feet in that time.


Wouldn’t you want your car to stop 30 feet shorter from a potential obstacle?


ProHawk has achieved a record-breaking per-frame processing rate of 16 microseconds (0.000016 seconds), A traveling distance of .016 of an inch at 60 MPH resulting in a stopping distance 30.7 feet shorter.  With ProHawk, the time you save may save a life.


If your application depends on reaching accurate conclusions, promptly, then there is no better choice than to deploy ProHawk.

We Clear Things Up

Plane Wreck

ProHawk battles the weather and adverse lighting conditions. Using advanced, patented, parallel and sequential algorithms, ProHawk Vision Suite™ brings instant clarity to videos compromised by unwanted particles and poor-quality or adverse lighting conditions.

ProHawk removes or accentuates elements in the image or video frame to improve overall clarity. We reduce weather elements such as rain, snow, fog or sand, and decrease or increase the light on a subject to optimize clarity. The algorithms employed depend on your environment and your specific application requirements.

As a result, operators and systems can see through storms, identify subjects through tinted windows and in many cases reveal lost details hidden in the shadows.

Command and Control


Few applications are more demanding than military missions. Both the military and law enforcement are increasingly dependent on the real-time actionable intelligence delivered by video. 


Battlefield environments can be impacted by smoke, dust, and vibration as well as extreme weather. Remotely operated vehicles and drones rely on clear video to inform their operators of activity in the theatre. 


With ProHawk, both military and law enforcement professionals can depend on the clearest possible images, in real-time, to inform their operators and video analytics systems. 

Platform Flexibility

With ProHawk Vision™ 5.0 the days of being tethered to expensive proprietary hardware are over. ProHawk now operates where you need it most:

  • Onboard – embedded in dedicated systems

  • Onsite – using commercial-off-the-shelf CPU’s and GPU’s

  • On-Demand – in the Amazon, Google or Azure Clouds


Work With The Best

Today’s modern video management systems do more than simply switch video feeds to displays. They can overlay video streams on maps, identify intruders, create geo-fences and recognize the difference between friend and foe. When we seamlessly integrate with your video management system you will be amazed at how everything sees and works better.


A Clearer Picture of the Real World

Video surveillance and monitoring have become a central part of transportation management and municipal security. Increasingly, video analytics are relied upon to interpret traffic, collect tolls and assist law enforcement.


When adverse lighting or extreme weather enters the picture, the ability for systems to operate with confidence is compromised. ProHawk helps remove elements that make video unintelligible, resulting in higher confidence scores and superior, more reliable performance.


Computer Vision Restoration


To Stream or Not to Stream

Once you discover how ProHawk improves your video the only question is “Do I run ProHawk Vision™ locally or in the cloud?” is designed to meet the demands of commercial customers with RESTful API support for batch processing and real-time streaming.

If you need to process video on occasion – say for legal forensics or security – then there is likely no better way than to use With prices as low as $.01 per megabyte our computer vision restoration costs are nearly impossible to beat. Not to mention, it is fast and easy to get started.

Industries We Impact


Learn how ProHawk helps first responders, law enforcement, traffic safety, border security and military operations.



Our origin story begins in securing critical power infrastructure. Learn how we can help secure your power generation and delivery systems.



Trains, planes, ships and automobiles all need to see to operate. Learn how we improve safety through improved vision.

Applications We Improve



More video streams than people means automation is key. Video analytics demand clear images. Learn how we help make video analytics and automated security more effective.



Light is to sight what data is to computer vision.  To understand data is to learn. If the image is unclear, the data flawed, the lesson is lost. Learn how we help AI systems become more intelligent.



A second at 60 mph is 88 feet. Don’t you want a vision system that can see and react faster than you can. Learn how we make autonomous vehicles safer.

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