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A Clear Vision

Our vision is clear vision for all. We are solely focused on enhancing video to give all operators, human and computer alike, the best possible data for analysis and interpretation. Industries already benefitting from this approach include:

  • Energy

  • Medical

  • Law Enforcement

  • Military and Defense 

  • Maritime and Sub-Sea

  • Transportation

  • Industrial and Corporate Security


If you believe your application can benefit from clear vision please get in touch.

Energy and Utilities

Keeping the Lights On

Providing the world with a ceaseless supply of energy is no small feat. Whether the source of power is nuclear or coal, alternative or sustainable, all providers face a similar threat: the world’s energy infrastructure is a constant target for bad actors and criminals. ProHawk is dedicated to helping power and energy companies to secure their diverse and complex power systems.


Military and Defense

No Time To Waste

Command and control in the battlefield rely on accurate and actionable intelligence. This now includes an increasing volume of data from video captured in the field via aerial and ground surveillance systems, all of which must be analyzed efficiently and effectively. When these systems encounter dust, smoke or other airborne particles (mainstays of many battlefield environments), the ability to make informed decisions is severely impaired.


ProHawk enables  the real-time processing and enhancement of video as it is captured live in the field. ProHawk removes the smoke and dust from explosions, reduces  glare from the sun, stabilizes shaking, and removes waves caused by heat scintillation. It is empowering analysts and commanders to make informed, intelligent and accurate decisions.



A Clear Diagnosis

Providing visual clarity for surgical procedures and post-operative reviews has a variety of challenges. Chief among these is the diverse range of visual equipment providers coupled with a complete lack of standardization. As a result, the medical industry has been tasked with managing a wide variety of physical connections and different video resolutions from necessarily small cameras capturing low-quality video footage. Real-time video enhancement technology cuts to the heart of this challenge, presenting huge opportunities for improving the wellbeing of patients and the work of medical professionals.

3D Scans

Law Enforcement

Just The Facts


We live in a hyper-surveilled world. Continuous monitoring of people and things is being embraced by a growing number of law enforcement agencies globally, which are relying on video evidence to cut crime and deliver justice. However, video collected from surveillance cameras, dash-cams and body cams is often difficult to interpret due to environmental elements such as darkness, glare or vibration. 


ProHawk brings the truth to light by revealing hidden details relating to suspects, witnesses and crime scenes.



See Where We Are Going


Computer vision is playing a key role in this transportation revolution. Artificial intelligence, computer and machine vision are bringing sight to cars, trains, planes and ships. Traffic systems and traffic enforcement are being monitored and enforced by automated vision systems.


All of these systems need to operate in real-world environments and process video in real-time. With the realities of weather, dynamic environments and heavy traffic the act of mimicking human vision is challenging to say the least.


While billions have been invested in developing object identification, detection, tagging and tracking less attention has been paid to the quality of the video being collected.

Image by Artur Tumasjan
Image by NOAA

Maritime and Sub-Sea

Under The Sea


Subsea exploration and support are crucial in a large number of emerging and growing industries including oil and gas, wind power, farming, commercial and scientific research.

Conditions are far from ideal, and the deeper you go, the darker the surroundings become. At extreme depths, this environment is shrouded in total darkness.


We’ve addressed this challenge, and ProHawk is now being used by remote operated vehicles, submarines, and divers to discover what’s hidden in the depths.


ProHawk can remove silt, present clear images even in complete darkness, and reveal granular details in video footage which are critical for site inspection, marine research – and treasure hunting!


Corporate Security

What They Can’t See Can Hurt You


In an effort to monitor more feeds more effectively, security professionals are turning to video analytics. The most advanced video analytics tools can be used to automatically detect breaches, identify objects, and track motion, intruder speed and direction and many other key factors. Automated video analytics are ever-vigilant, never bored and impossible to distract but what if the conditions they are programmed to detect are obscured by weather, light, or other adverse conditions?


ProHawk delivers the clearest possible images to video analytics systems increasing detection rates by as much as 500%. 

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