The safest and shortest path to the cloud

Realize the true value of the cloud with data protection

Your organization adopts the cloud to achieve greater agility, improve resilience, and efficiency. This journey combines migrating existing applications to the cloud, adopting SaaS, and building cloud-native applications. You’ll only realize its true value if your data is available and safe to use.


Legacy hardware and software data protection architectures can’t protect data at the scale your business requires, especially in the cloud. Their business models and maintenance drive unpredictable costs. They can’t protect new workloads and can expose applications to downtime or ransomware attacks.


Legacy data protection approaches prevent the resilience, agility, and cost-efficiency you expect from your cloud journey. It also negatively impacts strategic business initiatives relying on data and the cloud, such as improved digital experiences, automated operations, or accelerated innovation.

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Leave your infrastructure behind and protect your cloud projects with the Druva Cloud Platform and SaaS business model


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One cloud platform to keep your data safe and available

The Druva Cloud Platform protects all aspects of your cloud journey, from existing applications to be or already migrated, cloud-native, and SaaS applications. Providing the security, cost efficiency, and experience you expect from the cloud, it protects and expands the impact of your cloud journey.

Benefits of the Druva Cloud Platform

The Druva Cloud Platform backs up hybrid, cloud-native, and SaaS applications. Provided from the cloud, and in a SaaS business model, it protects your data — and the value — of your cloud journey.

Security and high availability

Protect your data from issues and ransomware, make it available, and comply with SLAs to ensure business continuity.

Lower and
predictable TCO

Forget hosting and restore costs. Get in control, thanks to a transparent consumption-based business model.

Protect your entire cloud journey

Free your team from maintenance and data lifecycle chores. Focus on what matters: data and your cloud journey.


Protect your data with Druva cloud backup


SaaS applications backup

Protect your Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce data from data theft and ransomware. Maintain compliance.


AWS workloads backup

Backup and recover your AWS services and resources across accounts, regions, from a single interface.


Ransomware recovery

Protect your data by identifying, isolating attacks, and orchestrate your data recovery with your response for minimal business impact.


How is Druva cloud backup 


The Druva Cloud Platform secures your cloud journey while protecting its value with a secure and scalable platform, a transparent business model, and a unified experience.

Cloud native architecture & expertise to scale with your needs

  • Leverage the platform’s continuous improvements in cost efficiency and security.

  • Scale your business, the platform routinely scales without human intervention.

  • Improve efficiency via the platform’s interoperability with your cloud stack.

A clean copy of your data, always available

  • Ensure data availability with forever incremental backup and disaster recovery.

  • Trust your data is secured end to end, on the fly, and at rest in the platform.

  • Manage data retention easily via policies enforced across workloads.

The most secure platform, without the infrastructure

  • Leverage an air-gapped, globally and highly available architecture to protect data.

  • Manage data globally while complying with local data sovereignty regulations.

  • Trust our certified platform: FIPS, FedRamp, HIPAA, ITAR FISMA, SOC 2 Type II