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Secure Access For Employees

(SAFE) Program

SpaceCycles Response to COVID-19

SAFE Program

SpaceCycles is taking the Coronavirus very seriously, and while we cannot help out on the medical front, we can help out on the cyber security front. The Coronavirus is reaching pandemic levels, airlines are cutting flights, events are being cancelled and hackers are now spreading malware laden fake Coronavirus news stories. Increasingly, companies are asking employees to work remotely, however, that significantly increases the risk of a data breach because the typical home computer doesn’t have the same level of defences as a corporate network.


That’s why we are so proud to introduce our new Secure Access For Employees (SAFE) program.


SAFE protects remote access employees with our military grade anti-keylogging software by encrypting each and every keystroke, preventing keyloggers and screen scraping spyware from stealing login credentials & confidential corporate data. Additionally, SAFE also protects corporate VPN’s and video conferencing software. We also understand the financial impact and disruption on a company if they need to have their workers work remotely, that’s why we decided to offer our SAFE service for just $2.00 a user a month, with no contracts and they can stop it at anytime.


~ Randy Premont, CEO of SpaceCycles.

SAFE Program Includes:

  • GuardedID (learn more about our anti-keylogging software)

  • Free application updates

  • Online technical support

  • Auto-renewal (cancel anytime)

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Billed at USD $2.00/month (per 2 devices)

Please check your email for your License Key immediately after placing your order.