Secure SafeLearning Program

Secure SafeLearning Program

The Program

  • Offers next generation cyber security solutions for virtual classrooms

  • Creates a new revenue stream for Online Classroom Providers

  • No fee to join the program

  • Increases brand awareness & loyalty

  • Co branding opportunities are available

The Problem

  • Skyrocketing Cyber Security Concerns

  • Hackers create malicious Wi-Fi Hotspots to steal information

  • Anti Virus cannot stop what it doesn’t know about

  • Over 600 Million new viruses were launched in the last 12 months

  • Keyloggers are the favorite tool of the hacker, keylogging malware was used in over 90% of data breaches in the last seven years

Our Solution

  • Protects Windows & Apple computers, Apple & Android smartphones and tablets

  • Multi Patented keystroke protection technology, encrypts everything typed onto your computer & mobile device keyboards

  • Utilizes military grade encryption

  • Protects all programs on computers, phones & tablets


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