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SpaceCycles is taking the COVID-19 very seriously, and while we cannot help out on the medical front, we can help out on the cyber security front. School Districts in many States are not comfortable opening school doors until this Pandemic is over. As a result, students are Online Learning remotely at home. The Home Classroom can significantly increase the risk of a data breach because the typical home computer doesn’t have the same level of defenses as a schools network.


That’s why we are so proud to introduce our new Secure SafeLearning.


SafeLearning protects home classroom students with our military grade anti-keylogging software by encrypting each and every keystroke, preventing keyloggers and screen scraping spyware from stealing login credentials & personal data. Additionally, SafeLearning also protects WiFi Hotspots, personal VPN’s and video conferencing software. The SafeLearning service is just $2.00 per user per month, with no contracts and can be terminated at anytime.


~ Randy Premont, CEO of SpaceCycles.

SafeLearning Provides:

  • Protects Windows & Apple computers, Apple & Android smartphones and tablets

  • Multi Patented keystroke protection technology, encrypts everything typed onto your computer & mobile device keyboards

  • Utilizes military grade encryption

  • Protects all programs on computers, phones & tablets

  • Free application updates

  • Online technical support

  • Auto-renewal (cancel anytime)


Billed at USD $2.00/month (per 2 devices)

Please check your email for your License Key immediately after placing your order.