Five Level Security

Video Communications has become the new "normal" for how businesses and consumers connect, however the current marketplace options were not designed with the protection of confidential information in mind. SpaceCycles and StrikeForce saw this as an opportunity to create the industry's most secure video communications solution.


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Secure Video Communications

The current marketplace video conferencing solutions are inherently vulnerable to a myriad of attack vectors such as the following:

• Lack of secure authentication channels.
• In-band authentication is easily bypassed.
• Unencrypted data entry fields.
• Audio and video streams can be eavesdropped.

With SpaceCycles new SafeVChat secure video conferencing platform, all of your communications with colleagues and consumers alike are protected from these types of vulnerabilities with technologies such as our patented out-of-band authentication & keystroke encryption. No other competitor in the industry can match SafeVChat’s signature 5-Level security control approach.

 Meetings & Chat


5-Level Security 

Great for Secure Online Meetings

Instantly join, host or manage a video, audio or web meeting from a conference room, your desk or a remote location via your Mac, PC or mobile device

Conference Room Secure Meetings

Create a meeting space in minutes

Quickly turn conference rooms into collaboration centers with VchatRooms 

Secure Webinars for Business

Secure Enterprise Businesses

Transform your online events into engaging experiences you and your attendees will look forward to.

Solution Features

5-Level Security

Meeting Password

All meeting participants are required to authenticate with customizable credentials provided by the meeting administrator.

Meeting Authentication

All meeting logins are verified with secure, patented 2FA or Multi-Factor Out of Band technology.

Meeting Authorization

Meeting administrators can provision participant access to meetings through a robust invitation system.

Endpoint Security

Meeting participant endpoint devices are protected against spyware/malware with technologies such as keystroke encryption and anti-screenscraping.

Encrypted Audio & Video

All audio and video streams are encrypted to prevent unwanted eavesdropping.

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