Security First

We built Wickr with security top of mind, enabling you to collaborate with complete security, total compliance, and full control.

Advanced Cryptography


Wickr is protected by 256-bit authenticated end-to-end encryption. Communications are encrypted locally on user devices and are protected the entire time they travel to their intended recipients. Even Wickr never has the decryption keys.

Perfect Forward Secrecy and Post-Compromise Security


Every call, message, and file is encrypted with a new random key. Breaking just one key would take trillions of years — and with a new key for each piece of communication, your data is fully protected.

Zero Trust Platform Design


Even in the case of a breach, Wickr servers cannot leak user communications — they are undecipherable in transit and deleted upon delivery.

Ephemerality and Anti-Forensics


Messages and files can autodelete based on the time they were sent and/or the time they were read. After your designated amount of time, the data is put through our digital shredder and replaced with random bits of code, so that it can never be uncovered.

Abundant Security Features


Multi-factor authentication, account takeover protection, device encryption at rest, client network traffic obfuscation, secure link previews, message revoke, user blocking, screenshot detection, overlay protection, and more. FIPS 140-2 certified clients available.

User Key Verification


After exchanging keys with your contact, Wickr provides tools to help verify the identity of the person using the keys on the other side of your conversation

Details Matter


Constant bit rate VoIP, Script-based password hashing, constant time-hardened crypto implementation, hardened binaries, and security memory management and deletion.

Vetting and Transparency


Transparency is key to good cybersecurity. This is why Wickr implements open source crypto, conducts continuous third party audits, and runs a high reward bug bounty program.

Cryptography Research


We are constantly trying to improve and innovate by conducting ongoing research and development, engaging in thought leadership, and collaborating extensively with the industry and academia.

Customer Security Promises

To further advance our security program, we have built a set of Customer Security Promises to guide our internal engineering and testing processes, enable Wickr users to gain a clear understanding of the level of security Wickr aims to provide, and provide public transparency into the methodology and results of independent security testing related to these promises.

Security, Verified.

Premium data deserves premium security. That’s why we are committed to working with world-leading

experts to thoroughly inspect our code.