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Secure Collaboration for State & Local Government Organizations

Unmatched security that allows government, law enforcement, and education organizations to communicate without compromise.

Vetted by the U.S. Department of Defense, Wickr completely protects your communications, featuring:

  • Group and individual messaging

  • Collaboration rooms

  • Video conferencing

  • Secure file sharing and file storage

  • Location sharing

  • Powerful integrations

  • Data retention capabilities for compliance purposes

Full Control

Wickr gives you full administrative control over your data, allowing you to take charge of your own security. Control permissions, set expiration timers, define security groups, and ensure that your setup is specifically tailored to your organization. In addition, Wickr comes ready to integrate with services like Active Directory, SSO via OIDC, MDM, and more.

Learn How the Fort Wayne Police Department Successfully Uses Wickr to Keep their Communications Organized and Secure

“Establishing a room for a case involving several buys allows for easy noting of events during the buy, convenient storage of ops plans, and robust handling of surveillance photo and video attachments that often bog down traditional SMS/MMS methods. Combine that with the ability to live share locations, the ability for analysts in the office and uniformed detectives in a squad car to interact on Windows and not just on phones, and the robust search feature leveraged against previous surveillance comments (even across multiple rooms!), and Wickr quickly excels as the comms platform we’ve never had for this use.”

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Enable your agency or organization to easily collaborate while remaining fully protected. Vetted by the U.S. Department of Defense, Wickr protects your data using advanced security protocols. Whether you are messaging, video conferencing, sharing a file, or using any of our other features, your communications are completely secure.

Complete Security


Global Federation

Your Secure Link Between Private Sector Devices and Government Clients


Administrators of private Wickr networks can allow users with free public accounts to communicate with those inside of the protected network without compromising

its security.